None of These Diseases
S.I. McMillen
Fleming H Revell Co (1963)
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Biblical Teaching, Christianity, Health, Health/ Biblical Teaching, Health/ Religious Aspects/ Christianity
Hardcover 9780800712075
American English
Gray hair and rattlesnake oil -- Pride and prejudice versus proof -- Science arrives-four thousand years late -- "Robber of five million brains" -- Coronary and cancer by the carton -- They have the devil to pay -- The enemies of sexual happiness -- The superlatives in sex -- Upset mind-sick body -- It's not what you eat-it's what eats you -- "The high cost of getting even" -- Eggs-just eggs -- "Love or perish" -- Cats and crocodiles -- You're as old as your arteries -- David and the giant-worry -- Arthritis from a panther scare -- Cutting man's greatest fear down to size -- "See farther through a tear than through a telescope" -- Mud or stars? -- The nations no. 1 health problem -- Snails and schizophrenics -- A lesson from John D. -- Don't shoot for the moon -- "Two souls, alas, dwell in my breast apart" -- Freedom from an agonizing situation.
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